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Our Services

  • Requirements Analysis

    Requirements analysis is the process of understanding the business problems for which a software solution may be appropriate. The costs to the business of not solving the problem or problems are quantified. The specific needs to be met are identified and ranked by importance. Intrepid provides guidance and advice during this process to ensure that the outcome is a coherent and to-the-point understanding of what must be accomplished for the project to be deemed a success.

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    Software Engineering

    We pride ourselves on our use of industry-standard and recognized development tooling, patterns and practices. Intrepid designs and builds highly reliable, robust, yet flexible solutions designed to serve our client's immediate needs as well as future expansion. From small utility programs to complete business management systems, we have developed, integrated and deployed successful solutions to a wide variety of business problems.

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    Training and Support

    We offer initial training and on-going support for all our custom solutions. Combined with appropriate documentation, training and support help ensure successful initial acceptance and continued effectiveness of the project.

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    For businesses with in-house development staff, Intrepid offers mentoring services to assist with in-house projects. These engagements involve assisting staff in developing proficiency in single-page application (SPA) design and development using the Angular framework and RESTful APIs. The goal is to complete important projects with in-house talent that leverages Intrepid’s years of experience and existing code libraries.

International Shipping

Intrepid designed and built several intranet/extranet web applications for a respected international shipping concern. The applications included a cargo/less-than-container-load tracking system like that used by UPS and FedEx to identify the status and location of shipped cargo. Additional customer-facing applications were developed to provide customer registration, rate requests, booking requests, damage claims, container inquiries, and service tracking. Application deliverables included reports to internal staff and external customers, integration of data from multiple data sources and cross-application user management and role-based security.


Intrepid provided the database design and software engineering required to implement a complex web application serving the pharmacogenomics laboratory sector. The application includes acquisition of patient demographics and genetic test results from existing commercial and custom laboratory information systems (LIMS). The application analyzes gene-drug and drug-drug interactions and includes aspects of medication therapy management. The deliverables included reports to prescribing physicians regarding the efficacy and safety of the medications employed in individual patient cases based on the patient’s genetics and the mix of medications being prescribed.


A comparative rating application and set of REST APIs for a national broker of commercial insurance products. The new web app provided policy search, view/modify, and—most importantly—a rating function. The rating function amounted to having the newly developed backend APIs orchestrate calls to the APIs of the various carriers for which the company markets insurance products. The carrier API responses were normalized into an array of results that the business’ sales reps could choose to best meet their customer’s needs.


An estimating application addressing multiple revenue streams. The web-based intranet application replaced four separate estimating systems with a single system. The new system was both far simpler to use and much faster: from ~10-15 minutes/estimate to ~1 minute/estimate, with more accurate and profitable numbers. The application was integrated with existing business systems for sourcing data and for user authentication and authorization. The output of the application is customer/prospect-facing estimates.

Real Estate

Intrepid provided the software engineering and database design for a medium-scale, public-facing web application for a regional custom home builder. This app allowed potential buyers to locate homes by community, City/County, home style (single-story, multi-story, townhome, adult living), pricing, and amenities (square footage, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.) The app also provided site plans, multiple house elevation views and floor plans, as well as community information for both new construction and spec-built properties. For properties under-construction, the system provided near-real-time information on construction phase, location, MLS number, asking price, and related details.

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